Aaron Keith

Aaron Keith

Founder & CEO
Buildify Systems

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Leveraging Technology to Gain Market Share

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Aaron’s entrepreneur journey started at 19 when he ventured out to start his first business. By age 24 Aaron had built one of the most successful businesses in his vertical. Not only was he making great money, but he was happy, had balance in his life, and was having the life experience he had dreamed of. All of that grew out of the work he did with his first business coach. It was truly a transformative experience and Aaron knew right then that he wanted to do for others what his business coach had done for him! At age 24 Aaron started Ascension Programs Inc., continued to run his first business while he was building the coaching & consulting business, and ran both businesses successfully for the next two years. Then at age 26 Aaron made the choice to sell his first business in order to devote all his time and attention toward building Ascension into the best Business Education & Coaching Company that he possibly could. As Ascension continued to evolve Aaron rebranded the company as Buildify Systems Inc. to better encapsulate its wide variety of offerings. Buildify currently offers everything from Books, Podcast, Business Coaching & Consulting, Speaking and Business Performance Software. When Aaron works with a business owner, they are not only getting his depth of knowledge, top-notch education, and training, they are getting the personal experience that Aaron has gained from being in business for nearly two decades. By 2012 Aaron had built Buildify Systems (formally Ascension Programs) into one of the most successful private coaching & consulting companies in the country. He has coached a full range from billion-dollar companies, celebrities down to small startups. After having coached over 10,000 business owners from around the world, Aaron noticed a common challenge with most entrepreneurs he was working with. Most of them had negatively impacted their health from their rigorous pursuit to build wealth. Aaron then took his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping business owners and founded a leading-edge natural medicine clinic called Spark Health Inc. Spark Health specializes in personalized natural medicine and was launched in 2013. Aaron has equipped Spark Health with some of the most innovative health services available and these services are performed by top-notch medical staff; hand selected from around the country. Aaron continues to run both Spark Health and Buildify Systems today.