Darr Aley

Darr Aley

Imagine Google, Facebook and Linkedin delivered through one platform and you have Aidentified. Aidentified is a relationship intelligence platform powered by billions of data points that surfaces -- dynamically --  individuals affected by financial and life events, and then reveals connection paths to them through your clients, work/career history, boards, and your community. Increasing your sphere of influence is critical to the growth of your business. We show you to be best way to do that.


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Darr has worked in the technology space for 30 years with Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Owen Van Natta and others in areas that include mergers and acquisitions, business development, strategy, and operations. As an entrepreneur he has started, invested, and/or joined companies in every stage of development (napkin to IPO) and seen them through to billions of dollars in exit value.