Matt Ross

Matt Ross

Co-Founder & CEO at Clozio, a consumer experience and agent productivity platform designed specifically for Real Estate transactions. Father of 2. On a mission to remove the friction that slows down transactions, erodes the consumer experience, and wastes the agent's time.

Co-Founder & CEO

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Matt is the Co-Founder & CEO at Clozio (visit: Matt had worked with agents closely for a more than a decade when he formed Clozio in 2018. He was tired of watching his friends, family, colleagues, and his own agents seemingly “reinvent the wheel” with each new transaction. Matt & the Clozio team know that real estate agents are central to a transaction, but disparate tools make it challenging to keep track of progress across multiple transactions. Clozio is a next-generation productivity tool for agents, teams, and brokerages, leveraging smart checklists to simplify and streamline transactions from prep through closing, while providing consumers with elegant, personalized transaction calendars to keep them informed and engaged. Today, Clozio is used by thousands of agents/brokers, TCs, and their clients to organize transaction timelines, track their “busy” work, and simplify the experience of buying and/or selling real estate. Matt lives with his wife and 2 daughters in Walnut Creek, CA (San Francisco Bay Area).