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June 03, 2020, 03:50 PM

General Session

A session by David Doctorow, Pete Flint, Matthew Gardner, Will Guidara, Brad Inman, Katie Kossev, Skylar Olsen, Clelia Peters and Robert Reffkin
Move, Inc., NFX, Chief Economist, Hospitality Guru, Inman, Compass, Zillow Group, Warburg Realty & Compass

11:00 AM EST

The Virtual Transaction of the Future is Now

We’ve seen more change to the real estate transaction in two months than we’d seen in the previous two, maybe 10, years. With accelerated change now an unavoidable reality, one of the smartest minds in the business advises on how best to embrace it.

11:20 AM EST

Leading in Chaos

For a fast-moving startup like Compass, change is a constant companion. How has the familiarity with walking the tightrope helped its CEO navigate during the pandemic?

11:40 AM EST

High-Touch Service in a Low-Touch World

No part of our economy is likely to be transformed more by the pandemic than fine dining. What do the changes being considered by the hospitality industry have to teach us about our own future client interactions?

12:00 PM EST

The 30-, 60-, and 90-Day Housing Outlook

Two top economists take stock of the current state of the housing market and offer their outlooks for what we might expect to see one, two and three months from now. Plan accordingly.

Skylar Olsen's Slides (copy and paste the URL below into your browser):

Matthew Gardner's Slides (copy and paste the URL below into your browser):

12:15 PM EST

The Evolving Ecosystem of Real Estate

What role will eCommerce and digital marketplaces play in the real estate space? Hear perspective from CEO David Doctorow, who joined the company and the industry one month before a global pandemic, as he shares his thoughts on the road ahead.

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