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Executive MBA, Business - University of Denver

June 04, 2020, 03:50 PM

General Session

A session by Adam Contos, Mike DelPrete, Constance Freedman, Vishal Garg, Adena Hefets, Katie Kossev, Paul Levine, Mike Miedler and Clelia Peters
RE/MAX, Moderne Ventures,, Divvy Homes, Compass, Sapphire Ventures, Century21 & Warburg Realty

11:00 AM EST

Steering a Big Ship in Stormy Waters

What happens when all your best-made plans for the year get thrown out the window in March? RE/MAX’s CEO talks steering his team and the company into, and out of, stormy waters.

11:20 AM EST

Riding the Surge: Navigating Real Estate's Upheaval

Mike DelPrete presents clear insights and the smart strategies needed to navigate the massive changes occurring in real estate since the pandemic. Dive deep into market-specific data, key trends to watch, the resurgence of iBuyers, and the three key traits needed to thrive in this new environment.

11:35 AM EST

Advances in Ways to Buy a Home

The coronavirus lockdown has been challenging for lenders and those pursuing new models of home ownership, but both expect to be better for it. Hear from two top entrepreneurs about how the way people buy homes is certain to change in the coming year.

11:50 AM EST

The Value of the Agent Has Never Been Higher

Lessons from America and countries beyond our shores highlight why real estate is an essential profession, and the agent has never been more important than they are right now.

12:10 PM EST

Why Money Isn’t Drying Up for Innovation

Despite the economic downturn, there’s still plenty of capital on the sidelines to back and supercharge the right ideas. Hear from two top venture capitalists about which disruptors they see as winners and losers in our new landscape

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